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March 19, 2014

Read about my nutrition..

In the morning: plenty of fruit (fruit sugar) with yogurt and oatmeal (rich in vitamins & minerals) or protein crispbread with cream cheese or turkey breast

Cup of green tea! 

for lunch: pasta, rice, potatoes, fish, meat, combined with fresh vegetables

for a little snack: Frozen grapes ("favorite"), some fruits & vegetables, protein bar, smoothie (perfect for a short break in the summer)

for dinner: tomato mozzarella with vinegar, basil, salt & pepper.

Cup of green tea before you go to bed! 


Drink lots of water.
About 3L per day. 

Favorite breakfast

5 days of week breakfast:
oatmeal with chocolate splits, blueberries, cranberries, pineapple, red grapes, pear & yoghurt

Best way to start your day right! 

Nike Workout Clothes ❤️

Love my new workout clothes from Nike

New post - body post! First results after 2 months

Clean lunch

Time for a delicious lunch..

Tomato, mozzarella with Avocado and Pita protein bread with salad, tomatoes and chicken breast fillet.
Omg I would die for it!!!


I was shopping in Cologne and bought these great trainings clothes! 
I'm Nike addicted! 
Love my new workout clothes in black, pink and white! 

New duvet jacket and my favorite snack - frozen grapes

I was shopping with my girl and bought this great jacket from "Mrs. Hugs". 
I'm so in love with this cute duvet jacket...


Afternoon: my little snack - frozen grapes

Wash the grapes and put they into the freezer, round about 6h 

Perfect & sunny lunch with my girls

appetizer: fresh cheese rolls with plum jam

Main course: noodles with chicken, peppers, egg, bean sprouts & fresh vegetables

And a bottle of water

Gym Time - endurance & strength

Yesterday at the gym. I burned 502 kcal and 12,7 kcal per minute. 
40 min on the cross trainer
1 h strength training

March 12, 2014

Time for selfie :)

Today and the last days the weather was so sunny and warm. 
Sleep long
Perfect and clean breakfast
Gym time 2h
Meet friends
...and relax! 

I hope you enjoy the day too. :)

March 11, 2014

Beautiful Sunday

SUNDAY, sorry but it was an gorgeous Sunday.
Perfect weather, lunch, wine, mood, people,location, ...
All in all an amazing day in Eltville.
Eltville is a village in a wine region, it is next to a large river, the Rhein/Rhine.

Enjoy the afternoon sun with a glass of wine

Spring is finally back. Tory Burch Reva Flats Time

At least spring is back! 
The first day, temperatures are rising and I can finally wear my Tory Burch Reva Flats again..

New In

New spring jacket! Next Stop -> Gym & supermarket with my mummy

Summer? Come back soon. I miss you

Last summer - 2013

Summer, Sun, Tan ... I miss ya so bad!

New Babies :) Falling in Love.. Nike Free 5.0 black/pink with leo print

Finally my favorite Nike Free have arrived!!!
I'm so happy about this amazing design.
I was looking for a long time because they were sold out everywhere in my size -.- but then I can order these fancy Nikes finally on the shoes paradise 'Zalando'.

A few hours later I was already training with my new babies!

Back Day ! 

Clean breakfast

Muesli - rolled oats with blueberries and grapes
Whole wheat bread - with grains
Scrambled eggs - tomatoes with pepper & salt

Jobinterview -> New Job and Gymtime

Early morning, at first I go to the interview for a new job and my second Stop is my second home -> Gym :D 

I enjoy the sunny weather with a cup of coffee on this beautiful monday.

...about my tailbone injury and my Gym Addiction

So true...
Currently, I'm gym-addicted!!!
Don't like restdays. My restday ist Saturday because it is a long day at work, why I need my energy & power! 
Unfortunately, I'm hurt for the next six weeks on the back.
Which means, i can't train my belly... This News are a huge setback for me.


Breakfast (Protein-Pancakes) and my morning-teatime.

Learning for my exams at University

Beautiful sunny good morning